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Parking Lot Maintenance - Sealcoating and Cracking filling

Professional Asphalt, your leader in pavement maintenance, can assist you with all of your pavement maintenance needs. Pavement is one of your most costly maintenance items and we are here to help you preserve your investment. We have greatly expanded our services to better service you. Professional Asphalt can handle all of your asphalt needs, whether it be removal and replacement of parking lots or driveways, overlays, excavating, sealcoating, crackfilling, patching, striping, sweeping or concrete work.

Proper pavement maintenance will double the life of your pavement. Proper maintenance consists of, Proper excavation and compaction of existing soils. If soils are not appropriate, then sufficient compatible soil should be brought in. Proper base should be installed over compacted soil at a depth of 6" to '12" after compaction, depending on load weights. Asphalt should be installed at a depth of 311 after compaction for light traffic such as cars and light trucks up to a depth of 5" after compaction for heavy traffic and roads. After installation, pavement should be crackfilled with hot rubber such as MN DOT SPEC 3405 or equivalent as cracks appear or a minimum of every three years. Secondly always seal coat and stripe your pavement every 2-3 years with a quality asphalt emulsion sealer, this practice of crackfilling and seal coating will double the life of your pavement which should potentially make it last 20 - 30 quality years

We work primarily with residential and commercial building owners, building engineers, property managers, asphalt companies, and asphalt maintenance companies. We feel our services would complement your high standard of pavement needs. We can assist with offering your property a full service aspect. Please call if we can assist you with any of your pavement needs.

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