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Residential driveway sealcoating

Each year, we do asphalt sealcoatng for 300 to 400 residences in the area, with the same competitive pricing and unmatched level of service we offer our commercial clients.

Our Edge:

  • Very competitive prices
  • Extraordinary service
  • Unique three-fold guarantee
Driveway Sealcoated


Our service goes well beyond what is standard among asphalt and sealcoating companies in the twin cities.

Check out our spotless record with the Better Business Bureau.

Professional Asphalt Services, Asphalt, Long Lake, MN

Complete asphalt services

For 10% OFF your pavement maintenance project.
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Servicing the Medina area for over 25 years

Parking Lot maintenance

We have over 1400 commercial sealcoating and striping clients in the Twin cities area.

They include car dealerships, super-stores, sports and apartment complexes as well as small businesses.

Sealcoated and Striped Parking Lot

Our asphalt paving is warrantied for five years, and we guarantee two coats of the highest quality, environmentally approved

Unlike other local sealcoating services we apply TWO COATS of sealant

We will use DOT and FAA-approved asphalt emulsion seal coat and hot rubber crack fillers. Our striping paints are also DOT approved materials.

Professional Asphalt Service Inc. has been servicing the Medina area with commercial and residential sealcoat services for years. Full services Include asphalt parking lot seal coating, asphalt paving, crackfilling, sweeping and striping.

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